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Aces and Faces Poker



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Play the slot machine Aces and Faces Poker free and without registration

One of the most popular entertainments is video poker. And this game delights many users because it offers easy access to the gambling process. It has simple and memorable rules, and allows you to enjoy vivid card deals at any time. Play Aces and Faces Poker for free and without registration, learn the rules of this slot, and have fun.

Description and design

The graphics of this online slot are of a high level. The game is accompanied by simple and light music and animation. The color scheme is typical for all slot machines of this format. The game takes place on a blue background, providing a realistic atmosphere.

It’s better to start playing the slot by familiarizing yourself with the menu, rules, and features of the machine. Various combinations are described in the top field of the slot.

How does the gameplay in Aces and Faces Poker go?

The goal of the player is to collect a certain combination of cards. There are several different combinations available, which are no different from classic games. But if you don’t remember or don’t know their specifics, they are detailed in the information table.

Next, the user decides how to play. They receive the initial 5 cards, which they must analyze. The player can independently assess the usefulness of each card and decide whether to exchange it for another one. It is important to demonstrate strategic abilities and be able to calculate future combinations.

In the case where the user decides to keep all the cards, they need to press the HOLD button, which evaluates the resulting hand with all available options. Many users try to create a royal flush.

The slot machine also offers a 5-hand deal. It is considered the most exciting and interesting as it immerses players in the world of captivating gameplay.

Risk round

This online slot includes a risk round, which is activated at the player’s discretion. It can be launched if the hand turns out to be successful. In this round, you will be offered to guess the highest-ranking card from the four closed cards. Here, you have to rely on your intuition.

Aces and Faces Poker is a successful game in every sense. It allows you not only to enjoy your favorite card deals but also to take a risk on your own. Additionally, on the Game Club website, you can play slot machines for free from popular manufacturers. And this video poker game is bright and interesting.


Aces and Faces Poker features a variety of symbols that align with its poker theme. These symbols include different card suits such as hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, as well as numbered cards and face cards like Aces and Faces.

Each symbol has its own value, with higher payouts awarded for achieving winning combinations of more valuable symbols. For example, landing a winning combination of Aces and Faces cards typically offers higher rewards compared to lower-value card symbols.

Free Spins

Aces and Faces Poker includes a free spins feature that can be triggered by landing a specific combination of symbols. When the free spins feature is activated, players are awarded a certain number of free spins, during which their bets are not deducted from their balance. This allows players to potentially accumulate additional winnings without any additional risk.


The scatter symbol in Aces and Faces Poker is represented by a specific card suit symbol, typically the spades. When players land a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels, it triggers a payout or activates a bonus feature, such as free spins or a bonus game.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Aces and Faces Poker is usually represented by the game logo or a specific card symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for other symbols on the reels, except for scatter symbols, to help create winning combinations. This increases the chances of landing winning combinations and enhances the overall excitement of the gameplay.


Aces and Faces Poker by Microgaming offers an engaging blend of slot machine mechanics and poker gameplay. With its user-friendly interface, attractive visuals, and flexible betting options, the game provides an enjoyable gaming experience. Players can explore the various symbols, including wilds and scatters, trigger bonus features like free spins and bonus games, and potentially benefit from multipliers. Whether you are a poker enthusiast or a fan of slot machines, Aces and Faces Poker offers an exciting and rewarding gaming adventure.

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