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All Aces Poker



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Play the slot machine All Aces Poker free and without registration

Many users enjoy video slots with a poker theme as it is considered a classic game with ancient roots. That’s why some developers constantly return to this theme. Microgaming has released a brand new slot machine called All Aces Poker. Here, players can create various combinations of five cards and experience the atmosphere of a real game. You can also play the Aces and Faces Poker slot machine for free and without registration on the Game Club website. We offer only free games.

All Aces Poker

This online slot machine has an exciting storyline and vibrant visuals. Thanks to its simple interface, it will appeal to beginners as well. The background is designed in a standard blue shade, with five cards displayed on it. Each time the game is launched, the cards change, creating different combinations. The successful combinations are highlighted.

The All Aces slot machine offers 11 combinations, each with its own value. The lowest combination is a Pair of Jacks.

To form new lines, there are symbols that correspond to the symbols of regular playing cards.

Combinations in the All Aces Poker online slot

  • Pair: Two cards from Jacks and higher.
  • Two Pairs: Four identical elements.
  • Straight: Five specific cards that have different suits but are in sequence.
  • Flush: A combination of five cards of the same suit.
  • Full House: A three-of-a-kind and a pair of cards.
  • Straight Flush: Five cards of the same suit that are in sequence (excluding Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5).
  • Royal Flush: Five cards of the same suit in sequence, starting from Ace.

Each combination has its own value. The player can either agree with the dealt combinations or discard the cards and draw new ones, aiming for a different outcome.


By pressing the corresponding button in the slot, the player starts the card deal. If a specific combination appears, the cards will have “HELD” written on them, and the player decides whether to keep them or redraw by clicking on the specific card. If the player does not click, other cards will be redrawn.

Risk Game

When a combination is formed, the player can choose to play a risk round. In this round, the player needs to select a card of higher value.

Such a slot machine impresses with its vivid visuals and captivating storyline. It is very user-friendly and simple, making it easy for any player to understand. This entertainment will bring a lot of bright emotions and impressions.

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