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Roleplaying game fans will definitely want to play this unique slot. It is a multilevel fantasy game where good stands against evil. In the Battle Mania slot game, you need to assemble a team of heroes and try to defeat a group of enemies. On the Casino Club website, you can play for free and enjoy the excitement.

Characteristics of the Game

The peculiarity of the slot is that it does not resemble a standard slot machine. There are no drums or lines here, as this is a fantasy roleplaying game where card battles take place. The gameplay is set up for different battle conditions, depending on which of the six different islands you fight on. Players can play:

  • in the forest island;
  • in the swamp;
  • in the desert;
  • in the volcano;
  • on the treasure island.

To move on to the next island, a certain number of cards are needed, which appear randomly.

The game begins with the selection of a team of five brave warriors from three teams red, blue, and green. Each of the characters has a certain unique ability that can trigger randomly. This can be healing oneself or another hero, killing an enemy, resurrection. The chosen heroes will be transformed into game cards and arranged in the bottom part of the battlefield. Opposite each of them are monsters. Each monster has a life scale that needs to be reduced to destroy it.

The round begins by pressing thePlay button, followed by the distribution of cards that either strengthen or weaken the hero‘s attack. One by one, the heroes fight and either win or lose. The skull card will lead to an enemy attack and victory, and a series of various diamond types will defeat the enemies.

Bonus Battle Mania

You can activate the bonus game Battle Mania by getting a battle card for one of the five different bonus games. Use cards to win or your heroes will suffer defeat. If the Forest Island card is drawn, the heroes will battle a dragon. If it is not defeated, it will destroy the team. The Swamp Island card will summon the Wave of Evil. In this mode, the team gets a magical weapon: a crossbow that will help you win. It has 15 arrows that can be used during 5 waves. Although the passage of the function will be somewhat difficult, here you can get multipliers up to x10.

The Volcano Island card allows you to enter the world of lava stones. You need to collect as many lava stones as possible within the set time to get the multiplier stone. The bonus round will end when the player opens the multiplier stone. With theUninhabited Island card, users will be able to participate in 5 battles, each of which will be doubled.

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