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Play Crystal Land slot for free

Crystals are one of the most beautiful things found in nature. The Crystal Land slot machine takes you on a journey to a beautiful world full of countless sparkling gems. The game attracts with its unusual design and features not found in ordinary slots, allowing for free play and thrilling emotions.

Crystal Land Slot Mechanics

The slot Crystal Land stands out with its bright color palette and captivating graphics. It will appeal to everyone who loves not only spinning reels, but also passing levels, getting more advantages. The game field is located against the backdrop of an idyllic landscape, with a 7x7 grid of cells and 1024 ways to form combinations instead of traditional lines. The game implements a cluster system (Cluster Pays) and cascading symbol drop like in the Crystal Queen machine. Combinations are created by dropping 5 or more identical gemstones in a vertical or horizontal cluster. Then the symbols explode, disappear from the playing field, giving way to new ones.

Crystal Land has six standard symbols which are crystals of different colors blue, orange, pink, light green, dark green and purple. There are two wild symbols a standard and a Ruby Wild, both of which substitute for all of the slot symbols. Ruby Wild is awarded for the appearance of a cluster of 6 symbols.

Features of Gameplay

Initially, some positions on the game board are blocked off by transparent squares and rectangles. The blocked symbols will not be counted as part of the combination. Each successful spin unlocks one row up, but is again blocked if the next spin is unsuccessful. The more wins you get, the more positions you will unlock. In addition, you can earn extra by completing various tasks:

  • After 2 combinations in a row additional wild symbols.
  • After 4 combinations in a row additional Ruby Wilds.
  • After 5 combinations in a row a bonus game.

If a Ruby Wild appears on the game board, it adds a bomb that explodes when it is no longer possible to form combinations.

On the left side of the drums is a progress level indicator. It is filled with points after each combination. Going from level to level is rewarded with additional wild symbols, potions that help to color precious stones in the corresponding colors and other advantages. After each level up you can win a piggy bank which is filled with coins throughout the game.

Bonus round

Once you reach the top row, the bonus game will start. During this round, three treasure chests of different sizes are hidden behind a crystal wall. The task is to clear the game field using potion bottles and bombs and have the opportunity to unlock the chests. Then you will collect stars, which grant multipliers from x3 to x9.

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