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Play Crystal Rift for free without registration

Put on your mining gear and get ready to delve into the depths of the Earth in search of precious minerals. The Crystal Rift slot game will take you to a futuristic mine filled with valuable crystals and thrilling discoveries. You can play for free and without registration on any slot on our website.

Description of the interface

The design of the Crystal Rift slot has very beautiful graphics with an unfinished gemstone theme. The game screen is set against a dark cave where huge treasures are stored. On each side of the reels is a ray of daylight illuminating the game board. The reels are transparent but with each spin bright lines in the shape of hexagons appear. When the game starts, the game board will be completely empty and a new series of crystals will fall into the cells.

Mechanics of Crystal Rift Slot

The slot machine has a cascading mechanic in which symbols drop from the top and create new combinations. The slot has 5 reels and 25 fixed lines that are always active. Players need to get at least three matching symbols on any game line from left to right, starting from the far left reel. When forming a combination, the symbols explode leaving free positions on the reels. This leads to a cascading drop of symbols from the top, which gives you the opportunity to match several combinations in a row.

The symbols are crystals of different colors and shapes. Unfortunately, there is no scatter symbol in the game, which means there is no free spin feature. The wild symbol is a combination of transparent gemstones that will replace the missing image on the game line.


The only two bonus features of the Crystal Rift slot are the Bonus Falls feature and the Wild Grid feature. Bonus Falls is triggered after every matching payline of symbols. These symbols then disappear and are replaced by new symbols which could possibly form a new combination.

For the Wild Grid feature three consecutive combinations are needed. During each bonus fall of the symbols a random wild grid is chosen and the indicator will show you the positions of the symbols in it. Each fall will show part of the indicator and after three consecutive falls the wild grid is triggered, in which each symbol that lands in any position in it is turned into a wild. There are four different levels of drum grids which offer different patterns.

  • Basic Grid; 
  • Super Grid; 
  • Mega Grid;
  • Insane Grid.

The Basic has only two positions for wild symbols, while Insane can have up to 8 positions. Mining crystals is a very exciting activity. If you like this theme, we recommend playing the slot machine Crystal Queen.

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