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Double Double Bonus Poker



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Play Double Double Bonus Poker slot machine for free

The company Microgaming often releases games with a card theme. For example, their video slot Aces and Faces Poker has been popular among many players. It offers users the opportunity to collect the correct card combination. Another game with a similar theme is the Double Double Bonus Poker slot machine, but it has more expanded functionality.

Theme and Features

The captivating game has the consistent goal of assembling the best card combination. However, it also includes several card combinations that are not found in classic poker. There are a total of 13 possible card combinations.

The game itself is designed in a classic style. The video poker game Double Double Bonus Poker takes place on a blue background with an information table. Players will also see a field for cards. By shuffling the cards, the player reveals a few of them, which can form a combination.

Cards that are part of a combination have a “HOLD” button. Pressing it triggers a new deal. Otherwise, the cards remain in place, while others are redrawn.

Main and Additional Combinations

Double Double Bonus Poker includes the standard poker hands, but in addition to the regular combinations, there are some extra ones. For example, you will encounter the following combinations:

Royal Flush – the highest combination in the game;
Straight Flush – here it is one of the lowest combinations;
Four Aces with a Two, Three, or Four;
Four Twos, Threes, or Fours with an Ace;
Combinations of four identical cards from Five to King;
Full House – three cards of the same rank and two cards of another rank;
Flush – a combination of cards of the same suit;
Straight – cards that go in sequential order regardless of the suit;
Three of a Kind – three cards of the same rank;
Two Pair – two cards of the same rank;
Jacks or Better – two identical cards with a Jack.

During the gameplay, players can familiarize themselves with all the combinations and learn how to calculate them correctly.

Risk Round

This video poker game also includes an additional round. If a player manages to form a combination, they will be offered to enter this round. Here, they will have to guess the card that should have a higher value than the open one.

Double Double Bonus Poker is a very understandable and straightforward game with a user-friendly interface. However, due to the unique value of certain combinations, it is not entirely classical. Nonetheless, it provides a lot of enjoyable experiences. You can also play slot machines for free on the Gaming Club website to familiarize yourself with their features. But if you enjoy poker, this slot will be an excellent choice.

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