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Free Slot Machine Gems Odyssey

The real magic with a touch of precious stones is created on the online slot game Gems Odyssey from the developer company Microgaming. If you prefer simple online slot machines for free, take a look into the wonderful world of video slot Gems Odyssey, and your impressions will be the most positive. All features, characteristics and rules of the game in Odysseus of Precious Stones will be revealed further.

Features of the Gems Odyssey Slot Machine

The first distinguishing feature of this video slot is its simplicity. If you have ever put together balls of the same color in a row of three, you will surely be able to play Gems Odyssey. The principle is intuitive click on groups of three or more stones arranged in vertical, horizontal and even blocks.

The second feature of the Gems Odyssey slot game is its bright design and fairytale design. It‘s easy to feel like a treasure hunter when you play Gems Odyssey. The musical accompaniment is very melodic and gentle, which helps to set the mood for the game process.

Characteristics of the Gems Odyssey slot machine

Gems Odyssey is an online casino game that takes place on a main field with five rows of different shaped and colored gemstones. Each has its own corresponding multiplier and its own set of scales that the player needs to keep an eye on at the top panel. The game continues until the player can form a combination of at least three of the same colored gems vertically or horizontally. When there are no more combinations, the round ends.

This game does not have Scatters, Wilds, and Free Spins, however there is a jackpot and several interesting bonuses.

Symbolism of Gems Odyssey Slot

The world of Gems Odyssey is inhabited by gemstones of various colors and shapes:

  • round red stones;
  • hexagonal blue;
  • yellow crystals;
  • diamondshaped purple;
  • triangular green;
  • triangular orange.

Special Symbols

In this video slot there are several types of special symbols Nebula Stones or crystals. They are divided into different types:

  • common;
  • rare;
  • epic;
  • mystic.

Gems Odyssey also features a fixed jackpot.

Bonus Games

Gems Odyssey online casino offers bonus games.

  • Leveling Up is the transition to the next level which is achieved when a certain number of points is collected.
  • Jackpot Feature is three or more Jackpot symbols that come together in a combination.
  • Second Chance Feature if the stones do not form a winning combination, the system gives the player a second chance and changes the gems to new ones.

If you like video slots withprecious symbols, we also recommend you to play Deco Diamonds. Its symbols are quite different, however, theprinciple of brilliance and colorful design are preserved, as in Gems Odyssey.

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