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Play Pets Go Wild Slot Machine for Free Online

From time to time, our pets want to relax and take a break. Join them in adventures on the beach, festivals, concerts, circuses and other venues on the Pets Go Wild slot machine. Have an unforgettable holiday full of thrills when you play for free on the Gaming Club website.

Game Interface

Pets Go Wild is an online slot with a story about household pets on vacation. It is a game with bright graphics, which includes vivid symbols and a large background image with a beach, palm trees and blue water. As you progress through the game levels, the background will change: beach, film festival, circus, rock n roll show, haunted house, lunar adventure, museum, safari, cruise. This game with a bright and cheerful atmosphere is created for entertainment and a great time.

Slot Mechanics

There are no drums and standard lines in the game, and the action takes place on eight different stages. The game is played on a crossshaped board of 7x7 cells. To win, you need to find clusters of 3 or more identical pictures. To remove the symbols from their positions, click on the cluster with the mouse, and new ones will take their place. The round ends when there are no more clusters available to choose from.

Five animals are involved in the game:

  • dog Dexter;
  • cat Kate;
  • parrot Parker;
  • fish Fred;
  • rabbit Robin.

Each pet is represented by a simplified symbol in the cells: a paw print, a pink ball of yarn, a yellow feather, a green fish, and a bunny face. At the top is an image of each of the animals. At each level they will be adapted in style to match the theme. Beside each of them is a counter that gradually fills up as clusters areexploded.

Bonus Points and Levels

In the Pets Go Wild slot game there are 3 bonus cells that randomly appear on the game board the golden star,XP andB“. The XP bonus gives an experience boost that helps players progress through the game faster. The cell that looks like the letter B launches the Loony Cannon bonus round where you have to choose a prize. The third bonus the Star will take you on a cruise with free spins and multipliers. By accumulating bonus XP points, you will be able to unlock new exciting levels.

Level 1 Starter, there are no bonus features.

Level 2 A movie festival party where Popcorn awards prizes.

Level 3 A circus with pets where multipliers are played.

Level 4 5 free spins with random multipliers.

Level 5 An exciting minigame awaits players in the haunted house.

Level 6 Dig up clusters in a lunar adventure to get keys to many multipliers.

Level 7 Activates a museum where you have to choose paintings with different prizes and multipliers.

Level 8 Takes you on a safari with a free round and big multipliers.

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