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Play Poke the Guy for free without registration

Forget about all the traditional slot machines you used to play. The slot game Poke the Guy developed by Microgaming will bring lots of excitement and thrill during the process. There are no wilds, scatters, and free spins here, just a man in a yellow suit and a big slingshot. Play for free and without registration on the Casino Club website.

Description of the Game

Poke the Guy differs from standard themes in that there are no drums, no special features, no paylines, and no bonus rounds. The action of the game takes place on an unusual game board. This is a map with different countries, cities and their attractions. Some of them resemble the seven different wonders of the world the Eiffel Tower, pyramids, Sphinx, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore. There are also buildings, small fountains, trees and a lake. The town is located near the shore of the sea, and at the bottom of the interface there is a large electrified slingshot.

How to play the Poke the Guy slot game?

The main character of the game is an active guy in a yellow jumpsuit who looks like a monkey. He is constantly moving around the city in strange poses and terrorizing the locals. The player‘s task is to aim well, shoot from a slingshot and hit this creature. Each object you use to shoot is different household items and grants different multipliers.

Slot Mechanics

The game machine Poke the Guy has a simple and understandable control. The player presses the lever and launches an object that can be changed from time to time. The assortment of objects for shooting:

  • Ice cream incinerates the creature in yellow clothing;
  • Rubber duck beats on the nose;
  • Knife cuts into parts;
  • Piranha fish bites off half of the character;
  • Durian knocks down, covering with sticky, stinky slime.


Poke the Guy is not a game where you need to match the same symbols on playing lines. You just have to throw items to hit the main slot hero. If the shot is successful, the game will randomly award one of the following multipliers:

  • х2;
  • х4;
  • х8;
  • х12;
  • х18;
  • х500.

Playing Poke the Guy is incredibly fun and easy. It‘s a new type of slot without lines and reels. Players can simultaneously visit different countries and continents, admire the sights and get a dose of excitement.

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