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Rabbit In The Hat



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Rabbit In The Hat Free Slot Machine

Tricks, mysticism and magic are some of the most interesting topics in online slots. Bright magical transformations attract not only children, but also adults. Therefore, the manufacturer Microgaming often creates slot machines with mystical plots. For example, such is Peek-a-Boo 5-Reel, and Rabbit In The Hat slot machine opens the doors to the world of tricks and interesting spectacles. It has colorful graphics and quite unusual features.

Design and characteristics of the slot

This slot machine looks extraordinary, taking you into the world of magic. It is built in the form of a colorful stage, which begins the performance of the magician. It is framed by a burgundy-purple curtain, and the main action takes place on the rotating drums. Bright and thematic symbols rotate to specially selected music.

Characteristics of the slot machine Rabbit In The Hat:

  • 5 reels;
  • 9 paylines;
  • Wild symbol, on which is drawn a hat;
  • Free spins.

Symbolism slot machine Rabbit in the Hat

The game provides thematic symbols, the meaning of which can be learned from the information table. So, on the drums rotate a magician and his assistant, a chest, a rabbit, a target with a dagger, a locked box. There are also card symbols.

The special symbol is one – it is Wild. It appears on any reel. It can substitute for the missing signs in the combination.

Bonus option

The slot has a Magic Hat feature, which is activated on the main spins. So, on top of the drums appear cylinders, which can be from 1 to 4. They first appear on the last drum, but in the process of rotations shift to the left. If a Wild appears in the column below the cylinder, one of the bonuses will be triggered:

  • Cash – automatic bonus;
  • Free Spins – 10 free spins, which can then continue;
  • Wild Reel – the wild symbol can expand over the entire reel;
  • Magic Hat Prizes – a mystery prize that will be activated automatically.

Free spins

In case of activation of freespins, some rules will be involved. So, the top positions are immediately filled with hats, which will allow you to activate one of them in the case of a wild symbol.

As you spin, the hats shift, but the wizard adds new hats. New free spins may also be added.

Rabbit In The Hat is quite an interesting and unusual game. It will give bright impressions and will lead you into the world of magic. On the site of the Gaming Club you can play slot machines for free and study their options, as well as special characteristics.

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