Игровой автомат Резидент - играть Сейфы бесплатно



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Производитель: Igrosoft
Количество барабанов: 5
Количество линий: 9
Wild-символ: есть
Бонусный символ: есть
Риск-игра: есть
Бонусная игра: есть, двухэтапная
Максимальный коэффициент: 5000
BET на линию: 1/25
RTP 96%
Оценка редакции

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Play the slot machine Residentfor free and without registration

The slot machine Resident is dedicated to thrilling detective stories. Here, incredible spy passions are boiling! Players will go through the difficult path of a Soviet resident in the slot machines for free and become true heroes.

The main character of the Resident slot machine is involved in a very dangerous operation. In the event of a successful outcome, he will stay alive and carry away all the secret documents. There is also often an opportunity to participate in a spy risk game.

The spy storyline of the slot machine

If you enjoy spy games or movies, then the free slot machines Resident will be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of adventure, but in a slightly different format. You can play Safes online for free, exploring the plot and features of the game. Here, the story revolves around a military intelligence officer who finds himself behind enemy lines. He is sent to infiltrate the Nazi leadership in Germany to obtain secret materials and save the spy he is in love with.

When you launch this slot, you enter an exciting game with a carefully crafted storyline. The spy will be examining documents, searching for compromising evidence, battling enemies, and trying to avoid traps. This online game, developed by Igrosoft, will appeal to those who cannot imagine their life without adventures and logical puzzles. Not only does it feature an interesting plot, but it also includes additional symbols and a two-stage bonus game that requires strategic thinking.

Resident slot machines: What are the features of the slots?

This game was developed by Igrosoft and gained great popularity among users. And it’s no wonder – the captivating plot and beautiful graphics make the game more interesting and meaningful. Additionally, another version of the game was created. On our website, you can play the Resident and Resident 2 slot machines for free, exploring their features and bonuses. They offer a wide range of additional functions.

Design of the free slot Safes

The slot machine is equipped with 5 reels and 9 paylines. You will also see green flashing buttons with labels indicating the number of lines. By clicking on them, you can choose a specific number of active combinations for the game.

The credits can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. The values of the symbols can be found in the information table.

At the bottom of the Resident game screen, there is an image of a scout who is examining fonts, trying to find the right one. Thanks to the animated effects, the entire game looks very realistic and captivating.

Functionality of the Spy-themed free slot:

The main characteristics of the slot machine include:

  • The coin size is denoted by a value of 1.
  • The value of one line ranges from 1 to 5000 credits.
  • It features a jackpot.
  • The slot has an RTP of around 96%, which categorizes it as a high-volatility game.
  • Additional bonus features are available.
  • Special symbols are present.
  • The option of automatic reel spinning is available.

You can play the Resident slot machine for free and without registration. It has a pleasant design and comes with accompanying music.

Symbolism of the Resident Slot Machine

When playing the Spy slot machine, pay attention to the various types of symbols. There are seven regular symbols, each with its own value. The symbols form winning combinations when aligned in a row of three to five identical images.

The highest value is represented by the gold coin, which comes with high multipliers.

The symbols are depicted as follows:

  • A coin with the image of a resident.
  • Epaulettes.
  • Machine gun.
  • Medal.
  • Magazine.
  • Pistol.
  • Gas mask.

You can play the Resident slot machine for free and familiarize yourself with its symbolism.

There are also two special symbols:

  • The Wild symbol is represented by a fire extinguisher and replaces other symbols to create winning combinations.
  • The Bonus symbol is depicted as a safe. If three or more of these symbols appear on the game field, a bonus game is activated.

How to play the Resident slot machine?

This game features beautiful animated graphics. It has 5 reels and 9 paylines, where combinations of identical symbols or combinations involving the Wild symbol are formed. Sets of machine guns and shoulder straps offer multipliers of 200 and 500 times, respectively. The presence of the Wild symbol allows for the substitution of other symbols (except for the Scatter) and activates a 2000x multiplier. However, the highest multipliers are awarded by the gold coin, offering a 5000x multiplier.

During the free game, after selecting the number of active lines, the player starts spinning the reels. When the reels stop, the symbols will form winning combinations. Winning chains are formed from the outermost reels – the first and last. If special symbols with the image of a safe appear, an additional round is activated.

Risk Game

In case a winning combination is achieved, the player can participate in an additional risk round. On the screen, five cards will appear, one of which is open. The player needs to choose another card that has a higher denomination. In this case, the player becomes the winner. However, participation in the risk game is optional, and players can choose not to participate if they prefer.

Bonus Game in the Resident Slot Machine

When three or more Bonus symbols appear and stop on the reels, a prize game will be activated. It is a two-stage bonus game with interesting features.

  • First Stage: In the Resident slot machine, when 3 or more safes appear on the reels, the daring agent will infiltrate a carefully disguised room. Inside the room, there are 4 safes containing items that are crucial for the spy. The only safe the spy should avoid is the one containing dynamite, as it will end the bonus round. By opening the doors, the player will find items that activate credits. The presence of a fire extinguisher will help extinguish one of the explosions.
  • Second Stage: If all safes are successfully opened, the player can proceed to the second stage of the bonus game. They will have to make the right choice by determining behind which door the charming radio operator Kate is hiding.

The Resident game has long been considered a classic by players. Its storyline continues to captivate players, and the vibrant graphics and unique bonus games add a special flavor to the entertainment. On the game club’s website, you can play the Safes game for free, explore its features, and learn about its parameters.

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