Slot machine symbols: types, features

Symbols in slot machines - what are they?

Slot machines, also known as slot machines, are among the most popular forms of gambling in the world. The symbols in slot machines play an important role in determining the rules, mechanics, and potential winnings of these games. If previously there were only simple signs on gaming machines with images of playing cards or fruits, today gaming software manufacturers offer a variety of slots with special symbols. You can study it by playing free slot machines to find the best slot machine options for yourself.

Basic symbols

These symbols are the most common and usually feature images of fruits, the BAR icon, sevens, and other classic elements. They have different values, and combinations of them determine the player’s winnings. For example, three of a kind fruits may yield small wins, while bars or sevens may yield larger sums. The symbolism is present in classic slots, as well as in new machines.

Special symbols

These symbols add interest and variety to the game. They often launch additional features. These include:

  • Wild symbols. They can replace any other symbol, helping to create winning combinations. Wild symbols often have additional features such as doubling wins or activating bonus rounds. Some of these symbols can expand onto a reel or fill several cells.
  • Scatter symbols. These symbols bring winnings regardless of their location on the reels. They can also trigger bonus rounds or free spins.
  • Bonus symbols. They usually trigger bonus rounds or extra win games. For example, a bonus symbol could trigger a wheel of fortune or a bonus game where players can win extra coins. They also often launch multipliers.

Jackpot symbols

Some slot machines contain symbols that are associated with progressive jackpots. When players place bets, a portion of their bet goes toward the overall jackpot, which continues to grow until someone wins it. The symbols that activate this jackpot can vary, but landing them usually requires the maximum bet.

Thematic symbols

Modern slot machines often feature themed symbols that correspond to the specific theme of the game. For example, slots with an adventure theme may have symbols depicting treasures, maps, and travelers. Such symbols give the game a brighter and more interesting appearance.

Symbols with multipliers

Some slot machines have symbols that increase your winnings several times. For example, if a combination contains a symbol with a multiplier x2, then the win is doubled, with a x3 symbol it is tripled, and so on.

Symbols play a key role in determining the success and variety of slot machines. They create visual interest and add strategic aspects to the gameplay. Each symbol has its own unique function and value, making slot machines an exciting and varied experience for players around the world.


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