The process of casino legalization continues in Thailand

In Thailand, they continue to consider the legalization of casinos

In Thailand, the discussion of the legalization of gambling and casinos has been resumed. It was started by the previous convocation of the Congress.

The House of Representatives of the Congress created a committee of 60 people who will discuss the possibility of opening entertainment establishments in the country. It is needed because of Thailand’s problems with illegal gambling business, as well as the desire to strengthen the economy.

The country’s government has been thinking about whether to make gambling legal in Thailand for almost 20 years. But due to the fact that gambling does not fit the principles of Buddhism, the plans failed. At the same time, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore were able to legalize gambling and created complexes with casinos for tourists. In Thailand, the Gambling Law of 1935 is still in force, which prohibits any form of monetary betting, except for the state lottery and horse races on state-licensed racetracks.

The Committee of the House of Representatives of the previous convocation decided that in Thailand it is possible to place five casinos in each region. This will allow the country to receive billions of dollars from foreign investors, travelers and gamblers. In addition, it will reduce the level of illegal gambling.


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