Great Canadian Gaming Corp. and six Ontario casinos entered into an agreement

Preliminary agreement set between Great Canadian Gaming Corp. and six Ontario casinos

When it became known that the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was fulfilling its intention to sign new agreements with the Unifor union, the strikes of the casinos in Ontario have already been led actively.

A few days ago the news about the union became known. Six casinos had to stop the scheduled strike of their workers by suggesting a tentative agreement. Two casinos haven’t announced any agreements yet.

Inevitable strikes

It’s interesting to know, that the strike, organised by casino workers of Great Canadian Gaming Corp. was announced on July 18. The quantity of participants in this strike had to be about under 2,000 employees and it was about to begin at 12:01 am on Saturday on condition of not reaching the deal. This strategy worked and the following casinos (Shorelines Casino Peterborough, Casino Woodbine, Elements Casino Mohawk, Great Blue Heron Casino, Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands, Elements Casino Brantford) were satisfied with the suggested tentative agreements via bargaining committees.

As it was mentioned before, two of the affected ccasinos couldn’t come to the expected agreement. A new deal is to be signed if the sides will meet each other requirement. Until then, the workers of such venues as Casino Ajax and Pickering Casino will continue striking. 

Requests of Casino Employees

The requirements aren’t advertised to the public, but it’s known that pensions, benefits, and increasing the wage needs are crucial demands of employers. After showing devotion and  hard work to the companies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees want recognition of their efforts. So, reviewing of any possible agreements with Great Canadian Gaming Corp. is a must, and ratification votes have to be completed before the official process. 

Some time after the pandemic, when Ontario casinos started regaining their incomes, employees decided to claim their rights to make profitl. This desire of people, who contribute greatly to the succes of every landbased casino, was acknowledged by the national secretary-treasurer for Unifor, Lana Payne. According to her, casinos should share their gains in order to make their workers happy and they will respectively create a positive atmosphere inside the venue and will make it more successful.

We’re going to watch the process of making new deals with the workers. By the way, these deals are expected to be signed by the end of this week. Great Canadian Gaming Corp. is a real old-timer of hthe gambling business in Ontario and other provinces, so it must deal with the current situation in the right way. More details are expected after the agreement ratification and acknowledgement.


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