Free Slot Machine Vinyl Countdown (Microgaming)

Vinyl Countdown



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Free Slot Machine Vinyl Countdown

Who remembers the music that played on vinyl records? It seems like it was so long ago But even today there are many admirers of retro technique, and such records can be found in cafes, home collections. The music on them sounds different. The slot machine Vinyl Countdown from Microgaming is dedicated to once popular music media and allows us to return to the past. It is precisely such free slot machines that have become popular with many users, as they differ in a colorful appearance and interesting features.

Design and features of the Vinyl Countdown slot

The machine differs from other games in its appearance. It involuntarily reminds us of the discos of previous years, which were filled with energetic dances, entertainment and music. They were famous for the mirror balls on the ceiling, hip hairstyles and bright outfits. And in the beams of the projectors, boys and girls had fun.

On the five drums of the Vinyl Countdown slot, loving couples, DJs, young people appear. They have fun to the sound of retro music.

Game machine characteristics:

  • 5 drums;
  • 9 game lines;
  • Wild symbol;
  • Scatter symbol.

Game machine symbols

Despite its colorful appearance, this slot is very simple and concise. There are no additional games, but its pictures look bright and interesting. Thus, on the drums rotate and become combinations of sweets, images with a dancing couple, a DJ, records.

The most captivating in the slot machine is considered to be the symbol with a drawn record with the logo of the gaming apparatus.

On the Wild symbol, a record player is depicted. It replaces other pictures, creating new combinations.

On the Scatter symbol is depicted a colorful mirror ball that spins to the beat of the music. If three to five signs appear on the playing field at the same time, multipliers will be activated.

In this online slot there are no additional bonus rounds. But it is no less thrilling, as it is distinguished by the colorfulness of the game symbols and the thematic. It resembles a disco, where pairs and young companies are spinning in a dance. And with the change of symbols, the music also changes.

Vinyl Countdown is a vibrant and very fabulous slot machine that impresses with its theme. If you love the theme of parties, take a look at the Night Out slot, which will transport you to a bright club filled with fun and exciting dances.

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